Let me take you full steam ahead into the place where skills meet sisterhood!

Work with me to focus and scale your business, transform your juicy ideas from black-and-white into technicolor and electrify your success.

Boarding Now

Think of your business like a train.

You are the engine.
Your personality is the caboose.

Each of the cars in between make up every aspect of your business. No two trains are the same, and yours features your exclusive fingerprint.

Leigh-Ann Mick and the Train Method will help you draw out that uniqueness, polish it up until it shines, and transform your business into a well oiled machine.

Boarding Now

Here’s how we can ride together.

Train Method

Trains are the perfect metaphor for your Business Plan… You are the engine, your personality is the caboose and each of the train cars in between carry every aspect of your business. The Train Method is my visual tool for Organization + Planning that you can use too! Download my free Train Method card game to start organizing your business, focusing your to-do list and transforming your outlook on the heavy loads! I have a free Card Game too.

All Aboard

1:1 Services

My zone of genius is in the place where movers and shakers like you live, that sweet spot where passion, skill and collaboration meet. With you at the helm and me as your guide, we’ll implement the Train Method based on where you are now and where you want to go. In regular sessions, we’ll organize and outline the departments of your business, creating a roadmap and manifest that will clarify the journey ahead.

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My Blog

Remember when blogs were boppin? I started my blog Freckled Nest in 2006, where I discovered my creativity and voice, sharing my candid + creative life and discovering that my weird is wonderful. Now on a comeback tour, I’m all about: Charlotte + Lucy, making + inventing, honest mental health, style, organization, collecting and being an Entrepreneur for 15 years. I dream in technicolor and bring that to daily life!

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